SAP Basic Navigation Badge


Step 1: Request

Complete the “Request Your SAP Basic Navigation Badge” form below and submit your non-refundable badge fee. You will then receive an email with the badge specific assessment link.


Step 2: Assess

Review the earning requirement below. Complete and submit the SUNsource SAP Basic Navigation assessment using the assessment link you received in your email.


Step 3: Earn

Your assessment will be reviewed by the Badge Committee for compliance to the earning requirement. Once approved, your SUNsource badge will be issued. Congratulations!

Earning Requirement

Score 4 or higher on all assessment section proficiencies.

Your Verification Partner entered in your Verification Partner section must confirm your assessment with a SUNsource assigned Badge Deputy.


Badge Fee

$25 non-refundable

Time to complete

Approximately 15 minutes

Sample Assessment

Click here to take sample assessment.

Request Your SAP Basic Navigation Badge

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