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Are You Making These 3 Critical Mistakes?

By Ginger Luttrell | Nov 24, 2020

Are You Making These 3 Critical Mistakes? Sometimes we move forward having no idea about common mistakes that are made. I mean, heck, if we knew that, we certainly would…

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Top 3 Reasons a SUN Decomposes

By Ginger Luttrell | Nov 10, 2020

Across more than two decades, these three are at the top of why SUNs decompose. 1. Executive Sponsor (ES).  This role is critical to gaining and keeping organizational support.  I’ve…

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It’s Do or Die. The Journey Through Failure.

By Ginger Luttrell | Sep 9, 2020

It’s Do or Die. The Journey Through Failure. It’s no secret that I love Super Users and Super User Leaders. Yep, that’s me on stage, now that’s love! I’ve literally…

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End User Neglect, “They’ll Figure It Out” is not a strategy

By Ginger Luttrell | Aug 13, 2019

Excerpt from The Super User (R)evolution. End user neglect can extend to weeks, months, and sometimes years after go-live, during which the End Users do not, either individually or collectively,…

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Are End Users Really That Dumb? The Story of Alice.

By Ginger Luttrell | Aug 10, 2019

This is a true story documented in The Super User (R)evolution by Michael Doane and yours truly. Don’t just read it, take it as an action item to make sure…

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The New Elephant in the Room, the SILOsaur

By Ginger Luttrell | Jul 27, 2019

Almost every company that I’ve worked with complains about the siloed behaviors and mentalities in the company. “They do their own thing without talking to us and bla bla bla…”…

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Do Not Build Your Super User Network if…

By Ginger Luttrell | Apr 11, 2019
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End Users: Death by a Thousand Cuts

By Ginger Luttrell | Mar 21, 2019

So what’s the state of your end user performance?  Do you know? I would say that overall, end users have been left on their own with the, “They’ll figure it…

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Keeping Up The Momentum Through Member & Organizational Changes

By Ginger Luttrell | Feb 7, 2019

You’ve been part of a team that had members leave and new members added, right?  Did this happen through attrition, planned roll offs, retirements, eeek-layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, growth, and what…

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