Learn How To Create Partnership Between IT & The Business

Discover the award-winning framework to building a strong, sustainable partnership that lasts during, after, and in-between ERP projects.

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    A solid partnership between IT and the Business is essential for project success. When you implement a proven framework to create this partnership, it lasts beyond the project and your business is transformed!

    This is your roadmap with decades of experience culminating in our industry best practice model and methodology.

    Learn the 4 phases of building your own sustainable project (and beyond!) structure

    Utilize the SUPERmodel Framework to create the most efficient, strongest project team who actually OWNS the projects.

    Graduate the workshop with your own complete action plan to get started immediately.

    Get ready for Business Process EXECUTION Excellence!

    This is your roadmap with decades of experience culminating in our industry best practice model and methodology.

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    Your Guide To ERP Success: Ginger Luttrell

    I am an ERP Project expert with over 2 decades of experience working with these exact challenges. I've even built an award-winning framework designed to solve this problem for good!

    My passion and work has been in solving problems in the Business/IT relationship and creating value between and beyond projects.

    I'm also an author, public speaker, passionate lifelong learner and lover of all things ERP.

    Ready to do this?

      Take a Quick Peek Inside
      The ERP Success Workshop

      Super Users

      What You're Getting Inside The Workshop:

      Phase 1: Foundation

      • Business Drivers
        • You will learn how to identify the main business reasons that are driving a need to change.
      • Research
        • Seek to understand the latest trends and how other companies are solving for those business drivers.
      • Dynamic Duo
        • Discuss the critical roles of the Executive Sponsor and the Super User Leader.
      • SUN Decision
        • You are making an approach decision based on the drivers and research you have conducted on ways to solve challenges brought on by your business drivers.
      • Program Leadership
        • You will make your startup decision about the leadership roles and structure you will start with.
      how to build a super user program
      how to build a super user network

      Phase 2: Framework

      • Cascading Communications
        • Making sure the right people receive the right message at the right time. This is about making sure the plan is properly socialized and understood.
      • Nomination & Selection Process
        • Defined and repeatable process for gettingĀ the right people andĀ the right number of people in your SUN. Trust me, it's much more than just building a list like you've always done.
      • Branding, Mission
        • Creating an identity and agreed purpose for your SUN.
      • Kickoff
        • Woohoo, how to build a Kickoff for your team that sets your SUN up for success. If you're thinking a Kickoff is a 1 hour meeting, think again!

      Phase 3: Build

      • Culture & Cadence
        • Learn to work with the team to establish the behavioral and operating structure and expectations.
      • 1st Team Win
        • This is something to help bind the team and come out of the gate with value.
      • Critical Focus
        • Establishing year 1 focus. This sets the framework for what your SUN members will do an the value they will bring.
      • Partnerships
        • The Cascading Communications exercise will help to serve as a guide for partnerships that must be established and the nature of those partnerships.
      building a super user network
      super user networks

      Phase 4: Improve

      • Operational Stability
        • Learn to work with the team to continue building, documenting, and consistently following important processes, procedures, and activities needed for sustained performance and value.
      • KPIs / ROI / Analytics
        • You may have identified some of this during Phase 3, but in Phase 4 you put focused effort on establishing KPIs that support the mission of the SUN and have strong alignment to the IT roadmap and corporate goals.
      • Organizational Position
        • When you kick off your SUN, it may not be organizationally positioned where it needs to be for long term sustainment and maturation. This must be addressed.
      • Maturity Model Assessment
        • Once you move from Phase 3 to Phase 4, you will want to determine "how good are we" and what are the activities and structures we need to add, remove, mature?

      Let's Build Your ERP Success Plan Together!

        Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD To Ignore The IT/Business Relationship

        • Project success rates need to improve.
        • Error rates need to be reduced.
        • Business user adoption needs to improve.
        • Business workarounds need to be reduced.
        • Everyone wants the problem solved!

        Without having a solid, sustainable plan in place for fostering this relationship,

        you're wasting time and money.

        What do real attendees have to say about the ERP Success Workshop?

        Laila Pesoa

        The workshop provided us with a real framework to build our Super User Network. It is based on decades of real-world insights, experience, tools, and support. It was the best workshop I have been to in ages!

        ERP Success Workshop Attendee

        The workshop really helped me realize everything I needed to have in place to be successful in creating a SUN. The workshop provided an end to end process with real life scenarios. Ginger has years of experience and tons of insight!

        ERP Success Workshop Attendee

        Super User networks can achieve less than desired results due to a lack of available knowledge about how to establish a strong foundation and plan for the future. Jumpstart gives you the knowledge you need at the launch of your Super User network to let you start solidly, plan for long term sustainability, and avoid costs in time, expense, and morale on your path to maturity.

        "So What's The Investment?"

        Super User Training

        The big mistake that many companies make is they think that the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper and faster. What they DON'T take into account is how ineffective and inefficient that will be.

        Or worse...

        ...the costs associated with the trial and error of putting a DIY framework into place for a Super User Network (SUN).

        ...or the effect it will have on their IT and Business employees when their SUN falls apart after a project (or worse - mid-project!!)

        ...or the time and cost that will be wasted after putting together and training a Super User Network, just for it to dissolve after your project.

        After thinking about this, people usually say "Okay, can you just teach me how to do this right?"

        The answer is yes, I can! You can hire me for a week for a private workshop to help put together your ERP Success Plan, and teach your people what to do. You can expect to pay around $5,000 for this route.

        But maybe you're not ready for a private workshop just yet. Maybe you haven't fully socialized the idea of mapping out a full-blown SUN in your company, but you want to know how to get a strong, proven plan in place so that you CAN work on getting this idea socialized... and you want to do that without wasting time throwing noodles at the wall to see what sticks. You want the proven steps to take without the full commitment of a private workshop.

        The ERP Success Workshop is your chance to learn directly from me and my tried and tested framework, LIVE, at a MUCH lower cost. You will be able to skyrocket your learning curve in a small amount of time, at a fraction of the price.

        You can get this personalized, week-long training from me for just $1,500.


        Plus, I have a 100% money back guarantee. I'm absolutely confident that the ERP Success Workshop will be a success for YOU.


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          Ginger Luttrell