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    SUNsource Founder, Ginger Luttrell, along with Michael Doane, author of the SAP Blue Book and SAP Green Book, came together to write the very first book all about Super Users. The Super User (R)evolution will change the way you think about your company's end users.

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    We have a LinkedIn Group just for Super Users and Super User Leaders! We monitor requests to make sure this is purely a collaboration group - no sales allowed. Come learn, network, and contribute! Say hello once you join!

    What is a Super User

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    If you're not a leaderlab member, we still have a ton of amazing content for you! Head over to the Knowledge Vault to browse through recorded webinars, video trainings, and more.

    What is a superuser

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    We already have a leaderlab membership for Super User Leaders, and we plan on creating a membership in the future for Super Users - the superlab! If you're interested in a membership community specifically built for Super Users, join the waitlist to be the first to learn when it launches!