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What is a digital badge?

You can think of this as an electronic equivalent to a paper certificate, but more.  Each digital badge has data associated with it that describes information relevant to earning that badge and can be viewed by you or anyone with whom you share your badge link.

What is the SUNsource Digital Badging Philosophy?

Our slogan:  You Know It, Now Show It!

This slogan is at the heart of our philosophy.  Super Users need a well-rounded set of knowledge, skills, and capabilities across technology, business process, foundation (aka soft skills) and leadership.  We recognize that many training and education resources are readily available in the market.  What we do is define the SUNsource accepted criteria that proves a badge earner meets the SUNsource expected knowledge and capability.  We wrap a SUNsource assessment around that criteria.  This allows anyone to earn a digital badge regardless of where the skill or capability was learned.

In addition to that, we recognize that some Super Users will need training and education resources to earn any given badge.  Within the Badge Center, we will have a rating system to build a repository of earner contributed and rated resources that can be leveraged.

How can I earn a digital badge?

The process is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Request and pay the badge fee.
  2. Complete the SUNsource approved assessment.
  3. Earn your badge by meeting the earning criteria established for the badge.

Is there a cost?

Yes, each badge has a low administrative badge fee specific to each badge.

Can I get a refund if I Request and Pay for a digital badge and I fail to meet the required earning criteria?

We do not issue refunds for badge requests.  The badge fee covers the administrative costs of reviewing submissions and issuing badges.  You will however, have up to 6 months to meet your earning criteria to earn your badge.  We recommend you understand and meet the badge earning criteria as best you can before requesting and paying for your badge.

Will my badges expire?

This is badge dependent.  Some badges will expire, requiring a refreshed assessment.

How can I view my badge(s)?

After earning your first SUNsource digital badge, you will receive an email with credentials for logging in to our digital badging platform.  You will be able to view all of your badges as well as individual badge details.

Can I share my badges?

YES! You can share your badges with a unique link to each badge. You can share through email or through listing on your social channels.

How is the earning criteria established for each badge?

Each badge will have a SUNsource volunteer badge committee that will define the earning criteria.  Each badge committee will manage their unique badge criteria and process.

How can I learn more about badge committees?

Send an email to support@sunsource.io with Badge Committee Interest in the Subject.